Insanity Ensues

It has been intense these last couple of weeks.  Jerome was in Europe on business and I was flying solo.  Usually I do not mind flying solo, but the kicker is our house is going on the market on Thursday and we have a LOT of crap to do.  I do not like to clean.  In fact, I had to call in the big guns last weekend and have my sister come up and help me.  I think she was completely freaked out at the amount of work I had to do…but she has been great and we really hammered through some major organizational and cleaning issues in this house.  Thank goodness.

On Friday night, I was close…close to tears.  I had been not only been working all day every day but training and being mom…Jerome’s flight was cancelled due to our snow storm….I just wanted to lay in my bed and sleep!  But, then, I got over myself and realized single parents do this ALL the time and they don’t complain, so why should I.  So, I shut up and went to bed with my kids at 8:30pm and started the weekend.

The body is amazing, really.  Not only have I been training normally, but I have been on the rivet in other areas of my life…and almost like pure, animalistic adrenaline is rushing through my veins.  I put my head on my pillow and wake up 7-9 hours later ready for the next day.  Thank goodness I am sleeping well.   I got up early, did my brick and was off coaching Graham’s basketball game before 10am.  I really have enjoyed doing this and it is honestly the highlight of my week.  Working with these boys has been challenging but really just pure fun (and a tad exhausting!).

I had been looking forward to – and trash talking – about our bike TT that was on Sunday.  Every so often, I do these computrainer bike TTs.  They are so so hard.  Pure agony for a 10k.  Well, for some insane reason, I decided to swim Masters early Sunday AM for 5,000 yards and then drive to the TTs and then DO 2 of them back to back…with only a handful of minutes of rest in between the TTs….I have known some people (crazy) to do this before and I thought, “why not?”

See, this is exactly NOT like me.  I am usually always somewhat rested for all my races…whether it be swimming or a run race 5k, I do NOT like going into events super tired.  But, I was reminded yesterday how resilient the body is and how it is so amazing if in good shape.

So, I swam and swam and swam with the team Sunday AM…then, showered, talked and drank my Recovery Drink…then, I was trash talking Elizabeth and Ben on my drive down to the TT and stopped and ate.  I arrived at the TT about 90 minutes before my start.  I saw Elizabeth and was trash talking (ok, I was not) with her…she was about 1 hour before my wave.  Anyway, I tried to warm up….but I was already so warmed up from swimming that I just spun about 5 minutes and talked for the remaining 85 minutes.

I jumped on my bike for my TT and I knew what the time was to beat and I was in the later heat (s)…so I just put on my IPod (yes, I listened to music for this) and rode hard.  The room is hot and dripping with testosterone – all day hundreds of riders are in and out of this bike shop.  16 computrainer banks run for most of the day.

Ok, this hurt badly.  I knew it would hurt…and it always does, but this TT was a rolling course…for me, a hair harder than the flat course I did here last time.  I was working so hard and breathing so hard and I just wanted to vomit.  But, I finished up and had the 2nd (at the time) fastest OA time.  I was trashed.  Elizabeth came over to torture me – as she drank her coffee and ate her PB Bagel – I sipped her coffee because I needed SOMETHING to jolt me into doing this again.  Honestly, I was worried about the 2nd one – I am usually much more conservative than this!  What am I doing!!?

My good friends John and Tracy set up for the 2nd TT and I got to talking to them – they were thinking I as nuts, but they did an Indoor TRI earlier that AM…geez!!  At least I just swam!  Anyway, they started the 2nd TT and I really was going to pay big time for my stupidness.  Elizabeth asked if I needed a leash to reign myself in on this one – but she got smart and left.  I am sure she did not want to watch the carnage for the 2nd TT.

I did it – hung on…power dropped by 20watts for test #2!  That is A LOT….goes to show you how badly I suffered for TT #1….I mean I left it all out there, so the fact that I could even turn my  legs over for #2 was purely a mental game.

After the 2nd TT it is now 1:30pm and I am OVER it.  I can’t even cool down I am so tired.  I get off my bike and talk some more (that is why I like these events, I can talk to people!) and change, go to Panera (next store) and drive home.  My phone had died so I just drove home in silence.  I was dizzy, exhausted and nauseous.

I got home…Jerome was outside painting the shutters and then tiling the shower upstairs.  I could not even take a shower.  I sat down, did some more trash talking on the computer, answered emails and played on Facebook.   That is all I could muster.

Then, no sooner had I sat down, then I had to get up to meet with our builder and architect at our lot to go over the details of the house and how we want the house set up on our we were outside in the snow forever walking our lot all while the kids had a snowball fight.  I was so hungry now that I could not focus on anything but where we were going for dinner!

I got home at 6:30pm and took a shower, sat on the couch, watched the Oscars and worked.  Finally!

I woke up this AM no worse for the wear but starving AND still a little nauseous!  I am heading out to go running soon (edit:  maybe later now) but Jerome woke me up at 5:15am to work on the tile in the shower.  He has to get this shower done and needs to get to work, so this is the only time, of course.  Did you know Home Depot opens at 6am?  That helped us this morning!

The best news:  The house goes up on the market on Thursday and we leave for Tucson!  Of course…so looking forward to some R&R…sleep, warmth and Mt. Lemmon!  I may sleep the entire weekend in the sun.


  1. I love that it’s not even 8am your time and you’ve already been to Home Depot AND written a blog post. All I’ve done is swim and eat chocolate chips. You’re my new hero for time management and efficiency, that’s for sure! Glad that Jerome is back and you guys are putting the finishing touches on your house! I hear you on the work travel – Mark is currently gone for 5 weeks and it was more than a little depressing to come back from my own work trip to an empty house (and empty refrigerator). Enjoy Tucson next weekend!

  2. MACHINE! 41 and crushin it! Wait…. are you 41 yet?

  3. Kerri, Yep, I am 41, turned 41 in January!

  4. Jerome was working? Sounded like he was on a beer drinking tour in Europe! 😉 Glad you’re settling back down JH – such a busy time for you! YAY for Tucson, the weather should be perfect.

  5. geez, sounded like you were racing through this blog post. :)

    Your life sounds really busy. You definitely have a ton of energy.

    Have a good evening. :)

  6. I will wave at you from Scottsdale as I’m headed down there on Thursday (just for the weekend though)!

  7. Crazy, girl! I was tired just reading this!

  8. I don’t know why reading this made me giggle. So like you!

  9. Yay for Lemmon, you earned that cookie ( or at least 1/4 of it!)

  10. You are a freakin’ mad woman!

    Good luck with the home. I hope it sells in a quick fashion!

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I Ain’t No Shrinking Violet

GOSH I wish I had more riveting updates for you all…but it is pretty routine here.  I am swimming a lot of FLY and just officially signed up for the Illinois State Swim Meet – the max:  9 events + relays over 3 days.  I am actually really excited. I never swim all days, because I hate being in a pool all weekend but this is the new Challenge year !  I signed up for the:  1000 free (1650 and 1000 alternate years), 500 free, 400 IM, 200 IM, 200 Free, 50 Free, 50 Fly, 100 Free, 100 IM.  Should be totally hilarious if I can move Sunday night.  But, I am sticking to my promises!

In other news, we are putting our house on the market on March 1st….so that is coming up fast and living in an 1880s home, we have work to do – my sister (bless her heart) is coming up this weekend to help me get rid of CRAP…especially in Morgan’s room.  One of the challenges in working from home is that I can’t see past my own crap…so an intervention is needed.  YAY for my awesome sister.  And, our architectural plans are coming along.  We are really excited.  Yes, we have an issue if we sell our house quickly – and our new house will take 9-10 months to build…where will we live?  Elizabeth’s new basement for sure.  She misses me.  No, we will rent a little place here in the neighborhood (rental market is hot now) so the kids can be near the school.  Let’s just hope we have that problem!!!  But, we have to go in front of the Association soon to present the house plans, so Jerome and I are having fun with the Builder doing all of that.

But, word of advice:   When your husband’s boss invites you to look at his 2.5 million dollar custom home on a lake….don’t go….you will want to build a house like that with 1/4 of the budget!  We went to look at his house and get a tour (8000 square feet) and OH MY GOSH….truly amazing.  I would get lost if my home was even 1/2 of that!  Geez…but the attention to detail, the word work, the quality of everything was truly inspirational.  For fun, here is the back of his house…now you know why I wanted to see it – TOTALLY my style – and dreamy.

And, a classic Jenny story for you…(eeks)…as I have mentioned, I coach Graham’s basketball team (3rd and 4th grade boys).  I really LOVE IT.  We are actually pretty good and we are all having fun.  At our last game this past Saturday morning, we played a very good team.  The score was very tight the entire time and I was pacing and coaching from the side line the entire time.  The REF was worthless (calling the game like these boys were in High School)…but, I keep my mouth shut…

BUT….(there is always a BUT)….there was a play the REF could not see, so he looked up at the other coach and asked him what happened.  OF course the Coach said “our ball.” (crappy call)  I said something under my breathe (and he heard me – maybe on accident, maybe on purpose)….but after the game he came up to me as we all shook hands and said:

“Honey…” and grabbed my arm.

I promptly ripped my arm out from his touch and said, “DO not patronize me.”

He had that dumb look on his face – you know which one I am talking about.

He said, “You don’t need to say bullsh*t out loud.”

Me:  “No, I don’t, but you are lucky that is all I said out loud” and walked away.

I can guarentee this to you…IF I was a male coach he would NEVER have done that.  At least now I know he won’t do that again to me.  No one ever said I am a shrinking violet.


  1. As a guy, I have to be honest I don’t really even think too much about what it is to be a woman, and all the bull you girls have to put up with.

    Girls are girls, and can be girlie, but they have an ability to be more open, and more honest with their feelings. Damn Spartans ruined us men forever. I think being a strong person is having an ability to show your vulnerable side, and that is fricken hard, because you really open yourself up. Girls typically are better at this for some reason.

    Oh well best of luck with all the other bull shit. :) HA HA. j/k. Good luck with everything. :)

  2. Honey? Ohhhhhh no he didn’t! Such a condescending term, especially in that situation.

    You have a full meet schedule! How’s that 400IM coming along? 😉 Great, I’m sure! I tried some butterfly in the pool the other day, inspired by you, and I sank.

  3. Me again…don’t men know that “honey” isn’t something you say to a female? I just don’t understand that. Same thing with “sweetie”.

  4. Love that story and can totally picture it happening.

    Your day of swimming sounds like my worst nightmare.

  5. Oh HONEY, you crack my shit up! I would have LOVED to been on the sidelines for that. Of course, I would have egged you on.

  6. OMG that last little story was excellent! I have a mouth on me too & will not put up with bullshit like that. Puts a smile on my face to know I am not alone. :) Happy house cleaning!!

  7. oh boy.. that IS a lot of swimming. Not sure how I missed the house selling/building talk but I’m officially updated! Actually you need ME to de-clutter you.
    Give me a label gun, some Hefty bags and rolling chrome racks with storage baskets and BAM! You’d be in good shape. :-)

  8. Honey… you should have knee’d him in the k-nuts. Sometimes I wonder if we really ever left the 1960s as a culture. Good on you for getting in his face.

  9. Way to tell him to shove it, love it! “Honey”… ???… Amazing! Happy house- planning, Jen ~ how fun!! And happy swimming, super star! Wish I could borrow some of your stroke skills… I would drown in those events. 😉

  10. Honey???? Seriously? Somebody has been watching too much “Mad Men” and using those guys as role models!!! So glad you brought this guy forward from the 50/60s and down to earth! Go, Jen! 😀 Good luck with everything. Wish I could buy your house … and move it to Minnesota. HA!

  11. Way to show the REF what’s up! Good luck in your swim meet, can’t wait to hear about it!


  12. Way to get onto the ref! You go girl!

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New Challenges

I need a new challenge.  Ho hum ho hum.

As I busy myself this winter with training, I am trying to figure out what I want to do this year.  Local and small for sure.  However, EVERY winter I get sucked into swim meets.  I do actually really like them.  But, this year has been a challenge for me.  I did IMAZ and then took 6 weeks out of the water.  Fast forward to January 1st and I started swimming again.   And, then entered one of the larger meets this past weekend.  The pure swimmers are in great shape..and I am trying to just hang on.

500 free, 100 free, 100 IM, 50 Free, 200 Free + all relays.

Ho hum. Ho hum.  Every year I do this meet and every year I swim within 5-6 seconds of my standard time.  This year I was about 9 seconds slower in the 500 than my STATE time last year – techinically out of shape.

I was 1-2 seconds off in the 100 free.

Ho hum.  Ho hum.

So, that leads me to my new challenge.  I am SO tired of doing the same things and swimming within seconds of what I normally do.  Sure, if I stripped away my running, strength and cycling I could get my times down.  But, why?

So, I finally got over my bad self this weekend and decided I am going to do something I am afraid to do.  I am going to do the 200 IM at the next meet in March and then the 400 IM at the State Championships!  Now, for most swimmers this is a non-issue, but I am not one of those.  I grew up ONLY swimming distance free.  Even the 200 free is considered a sprint for me.  Give me a 1650 over a 200 free any day.

So, there it is.  I am putting myself out there AND taking on a new challenge.  See, I didn’t even swim the 100 IM growing up.  My breaststroke SUCKS.  And, in practice in flip all my turns regardless of what stroke I am swimming (that is a no-no).

But, it is time to break out of my yearly monotomy.  The STATE meet is huge and scheduled for the weekend of April 22nd.  I have many months to practice and I will need them.

All you “pure” swimmers out there….tips are appreciated!  I appreciate all the feedback on FB, but keep it coming.  I can fake a 100 IM.  And, probably fake a 200 IM. But, the 400 IM is the REAL deal.

Let’s get it going, time for some new challenges in my life!!!


  1. Jenny – I’ll send you a message. 200/400 IM and 100/200 BR paid for my education

  2. Oh how fun! Start swimming *A lot* of fly. 😉

  3. New challenges are what makes us going! And they are FUN.
    Last week I swam fly for the first time ever:) I somehow managed 2x25m and although I almost died in the process it was fun.

  4. This is going to be fun, Jen!

  5. Here’s what I like to think about during or getting ready for a 400im. Have to do IM in workouts, which is way more fun than free :-) especially fly. If you have a set of 50’s choice, do fly, and if you have to, do a regular spaced one free to recover (ie, 2 fly, 1 free, repeat). Do not cheat fly in practice from now up to the meet, it will make you more confident for the 100 fly. Work on that super slo-mo fly where you just do a really exagerated slow stroke, try to relax and not overcook the first 50. Backstroke is fine. Im not a breaststroker, but one of the guys I swim w ith sometimes is, and he had me work on this, and when I do, my stroke feels better and stronger. Imagine you are swimming in a tube. Keep your pull narrow and snappy, dont let your arms float wide outside of the imaginary tube. Kick same, narrow, fast, really work on finishing your kick so your feet and knees snap together, and take advantage of that one nderwater dolphin kick on breaststroke. D it in practice! Good goal is for your fly split and free split to be same, most people have to work hard on free to be same as fly, your free is awesome, and that sounds easy, but you will feel it that last 100. You will have fun.

  6. Ewwwwww….YUCK….
    BUT, I do admire the crazy in you 😉

  7. in practice in flip all my turns regardless of what stroke I am swimming – this cracks me up!!!!!!!!! GO Jen!

  8. Consider me in awe. You are awesome Harrison!!! I can’t wait to hear how it all progresses. I will live vicariously through your swimming madness!!!! :)

  9. What a fun thing! But does this mean you aren’t doing the 500 too? I have no advice for a 400IM except to think about the 3rd lap of every stroke, that’s when people die and let up and that’s where you can gain on folks, I think it’s a mental thing, that 3rd lap.
    I’d rather do the 1650 than a 100breast stroke, hands down 😉

  10. Loved the butterfly as a kid…. not much now!! Go girl go:))!!

  11. You rock! That is quite a challenge! Can’t wait to hear how it goes! :)

  12. I timed at a swim meet the other weekend and a whopping 2 people did the 400 IM. It is hardcore. They got a standing ovation for just doing it, ha! Good Luck!

  13. Love your bravery!!!! You can pretty much be guarenteed to impress all us non-swimmer triathletes peeps!

  14. Good for you! You are nuts though to think pure swimmers are fine swimming IM’s. Most of us hate them…because most of us are only good at 1-2 strokes. Whatever the case, doing IM work will get you in better swim shape than anything else. My freestyle races were always better when I had coaches who gave us lots of IM work. Good luck!

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This is a pic of Jerome and I at Duathlon Worlds, 1999 :  Germany

Last week I had a college student here from Northwestern.  She had contacted me a few weeks prior and asked if she could interview me…AS A JOURNALIST.  I immediately shot her an email back and said..Oh goodness, I think you have me mixed up with someone else who WRITES publicly. I just blog and occasionally do some Triathlon stories.

My Professor includes bloggers as Journalists, she responded.

Oh god.  If my English Professors could hear this now, they’d die.  I didn’t even have a computer in college, let alone knew what a blogger was.

She was so cute.  20 years younger than me.  I was careful not to say anything stupid.  And, I most definitely was not in my PJs.  She was prepared, organized and asked me a ton of questions.  I think she was completely freaked out when I told her how long I’d been racing and what I have done.  She was barely born when I started.

Funny how as you go through life, you go through all these different phases as an adult..a recent college grad, a single working woman, newly married, DINKS, then kids, new mom with newborns, toddlers then a mother with school age kids….then older kids…  I remember being memorized by some of the “older” Triathletes when I started this sport in 1995.  I remember working so hard on trying to figure out WHAT TO DO (this was way before coaches) and doing some VERY stupid things, I am sure.  I just laugh when I read my old training logs.  But, the one theme:  I was consistent.

She asked me a question that is always asked – but during this interview I responded in an unexpected way.

“What has been your biggest accomplishment?”  Ok, that is a common question and one I usually rattle something off about Hawaii or this or that….always time or placement focused.

But, not today.. .Instead, I said, “Longevity in this sport.”  And, I meant that…and this is the first time I responded this way and it startled me..but it just came out.

Fast forward to this past weekend, Jerome and I were in Tucson on a little 3 day weekend getaway to chase the sun and for some R&R (dreamy)…and I was telling him about this question and my response (because god knows we are like trains passing in the night when we are all home = no time to chat).  And, it got me thinking to how this longevity happens – because it is NOT easy in this over-demanding sport we do – and this is what helps:

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.  I am SUPER intense…in fact, that is what keeps me always doing this crazy sport, but honestly, at the end of the day, I do NOT obsess about numbers or paces or anything.  I look at the data, analyze it and move on.  NO thinking about it past the moment.
  • I mix things up.  Some years I have to do things by myself – training, I mean.  Some years I am all about suffering in my basement (winter) and running all by myself and just putting my head down and doing the work.  THEN there are some years where I need to be with people!!!  I want to do classes like Computrainer classes and Masters (I always do) and TRX group things, JUST TO get out and socialize.  When you work from home, this is critical to my sanity some years.
  • I switch things up every year.  From 1995-2008 I was pretty darn serious.  I did take some time off for the twins, but otherwise, I was go go go and I did love it.  But, then as I worked more and the kids got busier I had to step aside. So, a couple of years ago I “just” did marathons and marathon training.  LOVED IT.  Not sure my body did, but mentally it was a great break.  Then, last year I went bigger with the Ironman…and for me, if I pick a huge race, I go big time in the training.  I leave no stone unturned and I do it all.  Doesn’t necessarily mean I train 40 hours /week but I sure make the sacrifices to make my training key while being a good mom, coach and wife, friend, etc.  I like mixing things up and it keeps me honest with myself and my time commitments and family life.
  • I am super consistent.  I take time off at the end of each season.   While I complain I live in COLD Chicago – it is a blessing honestly.  I could not live in a warm climate – I would burn myself out and be riding my bike 100 miles in January – with no major race on the horizon and (unless I race early in the season) that would burn me out and I would struggle each year to be “fresh.”  (Now some athletes do this JUST fine….of course) But, I am always IN OR OUT..there is no in between, so I like the winter balance…time to re-group and get back into the strength component of the training and basics and work on the things that I need to fix!
  • I am not doing out of control workouts in January & February.  Sure, I am in Computrainer classes, which historically are hard (X minutes above LT, etc)…but I purposely drive pretty far (when there are closer ones) to go to a coach that I like and trust and who does a PHENOM job with periodizing the workouts and not having us doing work we should not be doing in January – but rather in June.  I am SUPER picky.
  • I do not worry about my paces, watts and stuff like that at this time of the year.  I think that if I worried about all of that YEAR after YEAR, for going on 17 years, I would have to slit my wrists.  I know very well what kind of shape I am in.  And, each year it is SO different – this year is dicey b/c I am coming off a SUPER late season Ironman.  So, honestly, I am not in great top end speed now and I can tell by my lack of turnover and speed and pop (let’s be honest, that is always the issue for everyone!).  I wear a stop watch…sometimes a HR monitor and just run or just swim or just bike.  I do gut checks from time to time – swim meets, indoor TTs – just to see how I am progressing.
  • I like variety in the workouts.  I DO NOT do well with go and swim 10 x 200 off 15” rest.  OR ride your bike for 1 hour @ 160 watts.  I can do that in the summer outside, but in the winter, I need some mix.  That is how I write the workouts for my athletes and that is what I respond best to.  For some it doesn’t matter – and that is OK.  What is critical is that you need to know what works for you.
  • I like and live the lifestyle – as do many of you. I like this lifestyle.  I like being in shape.  Any shape where I can pop in and out of races locally if and when I want to.  Jerome does this too and while he said he is not racing in 2012, he was out running this AM – easy and short, but enough to keep fit and allow him to lead Camp this year or whatever it is!
  • I don’t get too involved in what others think or do.   In the world of blogging and twitter and social media, it is A LOT of information all the time – and honestly, it is GREAT for the most part…but I have confidence in myself and my plan that I just do what I am asked to do and be done with it.  It sounds simple and trite – but I can guarantee many of you reading this struggle with this point – and that is normal.  I think if I was not in the sport for all these years, this would be an issue for me too.  I know it would be.
  • I keep it real.  I have fun, I eat M&Ms (almost daily), I do not follow the latest fads in triathlon or diets or “eat this not that” stuff.  I really REALLY attribute my consistency for all these years as keeping it simple.   I SLEEP a ton.  I eat VERY well but I do not restrict or cut out foods and I always have dessert.  I recover like a champ every day.  I am not stupid.  I do not make excuses. I keep things easy.  I do my workouts, not anyone else’s.  I listen to my body.  I get regular massages.  I trust my PT, massage person and husband to keep me honest.  As I get older, I have many more easy/rest days.  I do not over-think things.  I surround myself with people I like (who knows if they like me, but that is not important, lol).  The body trumps everything, especially as  Master athlete.  And, at the end of the day, I love it.  Period.

This is a picture of me racing locally in 2000.  NICE.  lol

I always get asked, “HOW much longer are you going to do this, Jenny?”  (seriously, how many of you get asked that?  NOT many, I am sure)…………Most of these are by my non-triathlon friends…and I tell them, “I never thought about NOT doing this.”    Here’s to your longevity in this great sport!  Enjoy it all.


  1. One of your best posts ever. love it.

  2. YES! I started in 1995 as well… so fun to see how the sport has grown and changed over the years. I am with you on the consistency thing and I have no idea when I’ll stop? Not anytime soon. I don’t know what else I’d do with myself?? 😉 Here’s to a great 18th year! :)

  3. Great update. Ken, Jerry, and I were running last night, 65/55, and 45

    We could not fathom not training for something if healthy.

    I don’t really relate to people not wanting to get out there… Well except my wife!! :)

    Have a Good One!! :)

  4. This is awesome Jen. I’ve always really admired you for your ability to compete at a high level for so long. IMPRESSIVE!!! Keep on keeping on! :)

  5. Completely agree with you Jenny. It’s fun listening to the 20 and 30 somethings and their opinions. Likewise, I like talking with guys like Bob Scott who always have great view on things. Hope to see you guys soon.


  6. you know at the end of the day you have to want to get up and do it all over again. And like you, while i moan about winter, I would be toast and crazy if i lived where i could smash myself silly each day 365 days a year. And this i mean MENTALLY more than Physically. We just have other things we love to do, and we recognize the importance of family first, those people that are there for you win or lose or PR or DFL, those are the most important things at the end of the day!
    And while i havent been in this sport for 30+ years it sure is fun :) For now!
    Great post Jen! and YES this is why you are my coach!

  7. SUPER cute pics!! 😉 If you do it right, you’ll just keep getting better w/ age!

  8. Great post… Who knows if they like me, but thats not important, LOL! You Crack me up.

  9. I often think of that trip to Germany when I met you guys…..I was soooooo clueless about this sport back then. Those were some seriously fun trips racing Worlds in our 20-30’s. Love the pic!

  10. Great post! So now that you’re officially a “journalist,” can you get press passes to Bears and Hawks games? If so, need some help reporting?

  11. I love this post! I have a very similar pic to yours from about 2000 on my Spinergys. :) Hope your next 17 years are just as fun.

  12. Congrats on your longevity! That is a very awesome thing and one thing I hope I can say one day!

  13. Fun JH! It’s funny isn’t it, you would think your intensity would make it difficult for you to REST, but it doesn’t. It seems to make it easier because you know & trust YOUR plan.

    After my years of full on IM training/racing I’m learning to slow things down because i DO want to be in the sport for a long time. In order to make that happen for ME I have to chill. For now i have to pick one goal a year, not two or three or four, my body can’t handle it. I had to learn that the hard way, but I’m getting there and reading/knowing about your longevity in the sport helps solidify my thoughts.

  14. As a just starting out “Masters” athlete, it is EVERYTHING to have a coach who’s plan you trust…or I’d be doing stupid things. AND, you’re a much better writer than you think you are…

  15. I absolutely LOVE this post! Yes to longevity! Yes yes!!!!! Such a great post for so many reasons. Love you JH!

  16. Awesome right up. it is so great to see you know and understand yourself so much. Can’t wait for you to continue racing and doing what you love for many more years!


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