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Well, that is a BORING title, isn’t it!  It is now mid-July and I am about 1 month post Eagleman 70.3 and have been lucky enough to race 2x since Eagleman.  I wanted to do some fun, local races before I started to do the build for Hawaii.  One of the best things about short course training is you get to race all the time.  With the Ironman, I actually have to train A LOT….umph.

The weekend after Eagleman was a local sprint that is one of my favs.  I am good friends with the RD and it is in my back yard and in the lake where co-run the open water swim events every week.  I was not all that excited about racing a Sprint 6 days post Eagleman — and on ice cream, hamburgers and fries all week — but, it turned out OK.

I raced Elite (I love it when local races have a separate wave, just so much safer!) and was the first person (male or female) out of the water – that was fun.  I just worked so hard on not letting any guy pass me, that lasted…oh, not even 1 mile!  But, I felt like ass on the bike.  And, this course is out and back so I got to look at my competition as I turned around.  Not always the most exciting thing to do when you are flat flat flat, but I was able to rally and get into T2 in the lead.  Ironically, my average watts were lower at the Sprint than they were at my 1/2 IM.  Got onto the run and felt good, but did the STUPIDEST thing ever.  I took a wrong turn and ended up running over 90″ longer.  All of a sudden the ring road I was on re-joined the main race and there were the girls coming – SHIT!   I really did not want to have to dig deep, but I had to dig to put a gap on them again. (My instructions were:  “do the least amount of work you have to to win.”)  Silly me.  I can do this course in my sleep…!!  Anyway, I managed to keep my lead and win overall and with a faster time than last year even with my detour!

After my local sprint, I just put in some time training.  It was time to start to pick things up a notch and get reunited with some longer riding – nothing too long now – but some quality and heat.  Jerome and I even made a trip on the 4th of July morning to ride the IM Wisconsin course.  No matter how many times I ride that course (and it is A LOT), it kicks my ass every time.

This past weekend was one of those insane weekends with kid’s activities.  I was watching my niece Friday /sleepover and then camp pick up Saturday, One Direction concert with Morgan on Saturday (thanks to my sister who helped me out a TON – best.sister.ever)…I so badly wanted to race this past weekend.  I had 2 options with Evergreen Lake 2 hours away on Saturday and a local race 20 minutes away on Sunday.  Neither was perfect….and I was not going to race.  But, I just could NOT get it out of my mind….and my gut was telling me to race before I really get too deep in my Hawaii training.  So, I decided to just “wing it” on Sunday.  I would not get too much sleep the night before and I would jump into the local OLY race.  I also wanted to race because I had a large group of friends and athletes racing and it was a great time to be with everyone socially.

I got home from the 1Direction concert after 12am and was up by 4:30am, so it stung bad…but you know what?  Except for a higher HR I could feel – even in the swim – I was OK.  I was not sharp, but I was OK.  The water was hotter than a$$ at definitely over 78F degrees, but *of course* the RD said it was 78F and let athletes wear wetsuits.  UGH… I melted in my wetsuit and had to manage not over-heating AND not losing sight of Mary Bradbury who is a great swimmer.  I knew if I could keep that gap under 90″ I would be in a good position.  It is fun to actually have someone in front of me in the swim – I am always used to being chased.  SO fun for me to chase on Sunday.  I ended up catching Mary around mile 8-9 on the bike and then just held there and ate, drank and then passed Mary.  We came into T2 together and then I took some extra time in T2 because it was HOT and I needed to get my HR down a bit….so I did that and then passed Mary and ran steady to win the race overall.

FUN times!  I love racing locally & never take for granted a win.  I was coming down the finishing chute and said, “enjoy…enjoy this…”  I take nothing for granted anymore.

Here is a picture that Scott (Mary’s husband) took of me racing.  Look at those blue skies (another thing I do not take for granted living here!):

IMG_8337And, now I am done racing for a bit.  I am doing Pigman 1/2 IM in the middle of Iowa in mid-August…I was trying to find a local race that is as much like Kona as possible.  Pigman is notoriously hot, windy and similar to Kona.  It is actually where I did my 1st Half Ironman back in the day.  I am looking forward to racing Pigman again – hope it is not wetsuit legal and as hot as a$$.

With that being said, I decided NOT to race USAT SC Nationals.  I really wanted to and really REALLY like that OLY distance (and it is in Milwaukee – a great course for me), but I just cannot do it all.  Well.  So, I will focus on long course (dumba$$) and do Pigman and then Kona.

I am heading off to Tucson on Sunday.  The twins are at their annual Summer Camp get away with their cousins and since I can work anywhere – I am going to head to more heat and some quiet time down in Tucson for next week.  Looking forward to some major heat, hills and a break in my daily routine here at home!


  1. Yay for blogging! Haha you and your ” this tastes like a$$, I felt like A$$..” Makes me miss you ms Jenny!
    And Pigman! You will meet Suzie and Kortney! Rahr!!!

  2. Great job, Jen! Great to see you out there…good luck at Pigman and of course Kona!

  3. Yaaay! Great job!

  4. Great job! So fun to see you!

  5. Awesome racing Jen!!! And now enjoy IM training. Kona will feel like a chilly fall day after doing work in Arizona this weekend!! HA!!

  6. I think I am too old to go to a concert – HA! Love that you rallied and ended up racing. By the way – you look AWESOME in that picture!! Have the BEST time in Tucson, monsoon season turned the humidity up a tad (from zero) so it’s probably better Kona training.

  7. Great job out there!!! Glad you fit a few more races in :) are you still coming up to Milwaukee to cheer?

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