March 17th Cary 1/2 Marathon 2nd AG
April 27-28 ILMSA State Swim Meet 2nd AG 1650 & 500
May 10-11 USMS Nationals 2nd AG 1650
May 18th Galena Triathlon 1st AG/1st Master
June 9th Eagleman 70.3 2nd AG/Kona Qualified
June 16th LITH Triathlon 1st Overall
August 18th Pigman 1/2 IM 1st AG/1st Master/4th OA Elite
October 13th Hawaii Ironman 10:45/16th AG


 March 19 Cary Half Marathon 6th Age Group
February 26 ABD Indoor TT 2nd Overall
April 21-22 Illinois Masters State Swim Meet 2nd Female AG: 1650 & 500, 1st 400 IM
April 29 J Hawk Triathlon 2nd Overall
May 19 Galena Triathlon 1st Age Group
June 3 Leon’s Triathlon 5th Elite/1st Age Group
June 10 LITH Triathlon 1st Overall
June 28 Twin Lakes Triathlon 1st Overall
July 22 Door County 1/2 Ironman 5th Elite AG
August 5 Oswego Triathlon 1st Overall
August 18 USAT Age Group National Championships (Short Course) 6th Age Group
September 21 USAT Long Course Age Group National Championships 1st Age Group- National Champion/2nd Overall
March 20 Cary 1/2 Marathon 3rd Age Group
April 9 Illinois Masters State Swim Meet 1st Female AG : 1650 & 500
April 10 John Fraser 10 mile Bike TT 2nd Overall Female
May 1 JHawk Triathlon 1st Overall Female
May 21 Galena Triathlon 1st AG 1st Master 4th OA
June 12 Eagleman 70.3 18th AG
June 28 Twin Lakes Triathlon 1st Overall Female
July 14 Door County 1/2 Ironman 1st AG 5th OA
August 14 Steelhead Duathlon 9th AG
August 20 MOWS 2.4 Mile Swim Race 3rd OA 1st AG
November 20 Ironman Arizona 3rd AG:  10:35
March 14 Cary 1/2 Marathon 6th Age Group
April 20 IL State Swim Meet – 1000y 1st AG
April 25 JHawk Early Bird Triathlon 1st Overall Amateur/2nd OA
May 8 Apple Bartlett 10k 1st Overall
May 22 Galena Triathlon 3rd Overall
June 13 Eagleman 70.3 4th Age Group
June 27 Twin Lakes Triathlon 1st Overall
September 19 Fox Valley 20 miler 1st Age Group and Amateur (2nd OA female)
April 4 Oceanside 70.3 4th Age Group
April 19 IL State Swim Meet – 1650y 1st Age Group/9th OA USA – All-American
April 27 J-Hawk Early Bird Triathlon 1st Overall Amateur
May 17 Galena Triathlon 2nd Age Group/5th Overall
June 14 Eagleman 70.3 1st Age Group!
August 9 Bangs Lake Triathlon 2nd Overall
September 5 Great Illini 1/2 Ironman 1st Overall Amateur
November 14 World Championships 70.3 16th Age Group
April 6 John Fraser 10 mile TT 3rd Overall Female/Cat1-3
April 19 Illinois State Swim Meet – 1000y 1st Age Group
April 20 Cherry Valley 30k TT 1st Age Group/3rd Overall
April 27 St. Anthony’s Triathlon 8th Overall Elite Female
May 17 Galena Triathlon 1st Overall Female
June 7 ITU World AG Championships 9th Age Group/3rd American
June 22 Big Foot Triathlon 3rd Overall Female
July 6 Decatur Triathlon Sprint 1st Overall Female
July 19 Evergreen Lake Triathlon: Best of the US 2nd Overall Female
August 10 Bangs Lake Triathlon 2nd Overall Female/1st Age Grouper
August 24 Chicago Triathlon Flat: but finished
December 14 5 mile Polar Bear Run 1st Overall Female
March 18 Cary 1/2 Marathon 1st in Age Group/5th Overall Female
April 1 John Fraser 10 Mile TT 1st Overall Female
April 22 Cherry Valley 30k TT 4th Overall Female
May 19 Galena Triathlon 2nd Overall Female
June 10 Blackwater Eagleman 1/2 Ironman 1st in Age Group/8th Overall Female
June 30 USAT Age Group Championships 6th in Age Group
July 15 Lake in the Hills Sprint Triathlon 1st Overall Female
July 21 Evergreen Triathlon 1st Overall Amateur Female
August 19 Pigman 1/2 Ironman 8th Overall Female
September 1 Illinois State TT Championships 2nd Overall Female
September 30 J-Hawk Latebird Triathlon 1st Overall Female
October 6 Best of the US Championship 7th Overall Female